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Rug Cleaners & Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

The servicing of rugs is quite different than that of carpets. Rugs typically contain finer materials than carpets and therefore require gentler care or sometimes even a different cleaning technique altogether. One of two things can happen if you try to clean a rug as you would a carpet: You could damage the rug, or you won’t completely remove the stain. For this reason, it is not enough to just clean your area, oriental or antique rug

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Hiring a professional oriental rug cleaning service is an essential part of preserving the value, beauty and integrity of your antique rugs and textile investments. At  KB Carpet Cleaners, our restoration experts and professional carpet cleaners have been cleaning antique rugs and textiles for the past 15 years. To us, cleaning an old rug goes beyond removing the surface dirt. It's also an important part of maintaining the natural fibers and carpet structure. Our expert rug cleaners are trained to cleanse carpets and textiles made from all natural fibers, including cotton, wool and silk. For the past three decades, our antique rug cleaning team in the Easy Bay Area has reinvigorated valuable textiles and carpets made with sensitive colors and delicate natural fibers.

As a leader in the global market of antique rugs, we have the knowledge and experience to safely clean high-end rugs and irreplaceable antiques. Our professional rug cleaners deliver service with a level of care that has made us a vendor of choice for international collectors, museums and the most discerning clients. A professional cleaning is recommended for most rugs and carpets every four to five years.

If you need an old rug cleaned, call or email us today for more information on our oriental rug cleaning service in the East Bay Area. Our professional carpet cleaning services start at $2.50 per square foot with a minimum of $150 per job (which can include more than one rug).

Rug Cleaners - Oriental Rug Cleaning Service