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Removing Food and Liquid Stains on Carpets and Upholstery

How do I remove a stain?


KB Carpet Cleaners Preventive Maintenance Guide: Stain Removal

 A solution of a mild liquid detergent (no more than 1/4 teaspoon of detergent to 32 ounces of water). A clear, non-bleach liquid dish washing detergent such as Dawn, Joy, or clear Ivory is recommended. Do not use detergents which are cloudy or creamy because they may leave a sticky residue that is about as bad as the Stain. 

  1. A solution of white vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 1 part water).
  2. White cloths, white paper towels.
  3. An ammonia solution of one tablespoon of ammonia to one cup of water. Do not use on wool.
  4. Non-oily nail polish remover.
  5. Chewing gum remover
  6. Non-flammable spot remover specifically for grease, oil.

Anchor General Instructions

Prompt attention to spots and spills is essential.


  • Remove as much of food spills as possible by scraping gently with a spoon or dull knife.
  • Absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting repeatedly with white paper of cloth towels.
  • Always blot; never rub or scrub abrasively, as a fuzzy area may result. When blotting, work from the outer edge in toward the center of the spot to avoid spreading the spill.
  • Always follow up with water to remove detergent residue that may become sticky and cause rapid re-soiling.
  • Draw out any remaining moisture by placing several layers of white towels over the spot and weighing them down with a heavy object that will not transfer color. Upholstery Cleaning.

Anchor Stain Removal Procedures

 The following recommendations are for spot cleaning.

  1. Water Soluble Stains
  2. Absorb as much as possible with white towels. blot the stained area with white towels dampened with cool water until there is no more transfer of the stain onto the towels. If any of the stain remains, use the detergent previously described. Spray lightly onto the spot and blot repeatedly with white towels, working from the outer edge in toward the center of the spot to avoid spreading. Rinse thoroughly by spraying with clean water, and then blot or extract. Do not use too much detergent because the residue will contribute to rapid re-soiling.
  3. Oil Based Stains
  4. Blot as much as possible with white towels. Apply the special oil and grease spot remover to a paper towel and repeat blotting. Do not pour or spray directly on the carpet pile, as damage to the backing or adhesive underneath could result; use the towels to transport the solvent to the carpet. Repeat as much as necessary. Provide adequate ventilation! Do not use flammable solvents! Follow with procedures in A.
  5. Gum and Wax
  6. Freeze stains such as chewing gum and candle wax with ice or a commercially available product in an aerosol can. Shatter with a blunt object and vacuum before the chips soften. Follow up with solvent as in B.